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Infrastructure Availability

H.V.P. Mandal, the management institution runs Degree College of Physical Education had a very humble beginning. But the enthusiastic office bearers and selfless workers had a dream to fulfill. The society stood and held its principles and objectives through the rough weathers of pre-independence and contributed to the profession with its limited resources. It had made its presence felt in the world map by the demonstration it gave at the time of  Berlin Olympics in 1936 also in the year 1972 during Munic Olympics.. In the year 1967 the institute had started a full-fledged physical education college. Since then, with its visionary leaders and dedicated workers, the college progressed in leaps and bounds. In the last four decades the college had etched its name in golden letters in the history of physical education in India. With only a meagre contribution from various financing agencies, the institute developed the college with world class infrastructure and facilities by creating it’s own sources for the smooth conduct of curricular, co-curricular and extra curricular programmes.

The sports and allied physical facilities developed by the college are also utilized by various social, commercial, government and non-government organizations, corporation, boards, university, other colleges & schools to conduct different sports competitions, cultural activities and other allied functions. The sports complex of the college consist of different departments, cells and centers and they are as follows:

The following infrastructure and facilities are available for Sports and Physical Education.

i)      Administrative Building:-
1. Principal’s Chamber                       1
2. HOD Chambers 1
3. Staff Room- 1
4. General Office-   1
5. Class Rooms-  12

ii)     Harihar Vyayam Grih                              


      Central Library-

      2. Conference Hall- 1
iii)    P.G. Building
      1. Laboratory for M.P.Ed.  1
      2. Class Rooms for M.P.Ed.    2
      3. Class Rooms for M.C.A.    2
      4. Hardware Lab      1
      5. Office for HOD & Co-ordinator 1
      6. Software Lab  1
      7. Library for M.P.Ed.   1
      8. Library for M.C.A 1
      9. Meeting Hall 1
      10. Tutorial Room  1
      11. Staff Room    1
      12. Microprocessor Lab.  1
      13. Office    1

iv) Indoor Facilities:

    1. Anant Krida Mandir, Indoor Gymnasium Hall for Gymnastics and Multipurpose use 1 (Size -100 x 120 ft.)
    2. Netaji Subhashchandra Bose Indoor stadium for Badminton and Multipurpose use             1 ( Size - 175 x 130 ft.)
    3. Conference Room 1
    4. Rooms  Accomodate- 60 Players player and students with having seating capacity of two thousand spectators. 1
    5. Yoga Hall 1

v) Yoga & Naturopathy Building


Having Yogasana practice Platform

2. Meditation Hall  1
3. HOD Office  1
4. Nature Cure Centre 1
5. OPD     1
6. Hospital for 10 Beds  1
7. Yoga & Naturopathy, Library 1

vi) Mess Building (Boys)  


Having the seating capacity for 400 students at a time Mess Building (Girls) 

2. Having the seating capacity for 100 Girls at a time 1

vii)  Auditorium / Halls - 4

1. Tilak Hall  1
2. Judo Hall  1
3. Wrestling Hall  1
4. Auditorium  1
viii) Sports Equipments Rooms    2

 ix) Class Rooms  

1. Administrative Building 12
2. P. G. Building 3 (M. P. Ed)
3. Yoga Building 1 (D. Y. Ed)

 x) Out Door Facilities Open Stadium

1. Standard Cinder tracks (400 Mtrs) 2
2. Long Jump Pits  3
3. High Jump Pits  2
4. Mat for High Jump  1
5. Mat for Pole Vault 1
6. Shot Put Sectors  6
7. Discus Sectors 4
8. Javelin Sectors 2
9. Hammer Throw Sector 1

xi) Play Grounds

1. Basket Ball 4
2. Volley Ball 3
3. Foot Ball 1
4. Hand Ball 1
5. Soft Ball 1
6. Korf Ball 1
7. Hockey 1
8. Cricket (with turf pitch) 1
9. Kabaddi 6
10. Kho-Kho 3
11. Lawn Tennis 2
12. Badminton 4

xii) Swimming Pools  

a. 50 x 21 Mtrs
b. 25 x 31 Mtrs
c. Pool for Children (5 x 3 Mtrs)
xiii) Health Club 2
xiv) Physiotherapy Deptt. 1
xv) MCA Deptt. 1
  Having its own infrastructure and facilities  
xvi) Offices one each for- 1 NSS
  1 NCC
  1 Extramurals/Intramurals
  1 Alumni Association
  1 Adventure Sport

xvii) Other Facilities Provided by the Institution to the students

              1)  Co-operative Stores                                                 

              2)  Bank Counter                                                 

              3) Post-Office                                                   

             Vehicles Section made available by the Management

              1) Big Bus of 55 seats                                         

              2)  Swaraj Mazda 27 seats                                   

              3)  Marshal Jeep                                                 

              4)  Car                                                              

              5)  Trucks                                                         

              6)  Ambulance                                   

xviii) Band and Musical Section is made available by the Management for the use of students

Physical Education Research Laboratory

        The Physical Education Research Laboratory of the college is recognized by Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University, Amravati then (Amravati University) Annexure – having considered 25 Ph.D. scholars on 26-12-2002. It has 5 sectional labs which are being looked after by a blend of highly qualified faculty members with a good deal of experiences in the field of Physical Education and Sports and they are co-ordinated by a head with an attendant.

       Sub-purposes :

  • i        To introduce under graduate students with the laboratory equipments / items.
  • ii        Providing basic training pertaining to the dealing with sophisticated equipments.
  • iii        To orient the post graduate students with the equipments.
  • iv       To meet the needs of dissertation / project works at P.G. level.
  • v        Counseling and providing concerned facilities to the Ph.D. Scholars.
  • vi       To encourage the members of the teaching staff to abreast with the research areas.

Sections of Physical Education Research Laboratory

1.  Sports Medicine - Anatomy, Physiology and Health Education  Laboratory Equipments

A) Anatomy Laboratory

S. No. List of Equipments / Items/ Charts / Models      Quantity
1. Skeleton 02
2. Muscle Statue Full  01
3. Body Statue Half  01
4. Model of Eye  01
5. Model of Ear     01
6. Model of Heart  01
7. Model of Liver    01
8. Model of Intestines Small and Large  01
9. Model of Brain  01
10. Model of Lungs   01
11. Model of Kidneys 01
12. Model of Spleen    01
13. Chart of Cell  01
14. Chart of Heart     01
15. Chart of Muscles  01
16. Transparency of different Systems  01 each

B) Physiology Laboratory

S. No. List of Equipments / Items / Charts / Models Quantity
1. Treadmill- Motorised  01
2. Bicycle Ergometer  03
3. Sphygmomanometer 03
4. Heart Rate Meter 02
5. Expirograph 02
6. Spirometer Computerised 01
7. Weighing Machine 02
8. Stabilimeter 01
9. Electro-Cardio Graph 01
10. Metronome 01
11. Wet Spirometer  01
12. Inhalation Barometer  02
13. Exhalation Barometer  05
14. Haemoglobinometer   05
15. Skin Resistance Meter 01

C) Biomechanical and Anthropometric Laboratory

S. No. Equipments / Items Quantity
1 Grip Dynamometer  01
2. Anthropometric Kit 03
3. Gonio Meter   05
4. Back and Leg Dynamometer  04
5. SkinFold Caliper  05
6. Anthropometer  02
7. Skin fold Caliper Harpendent type   02
8. Flexo Meter  05
9. Tapes & Scales 06

2. Educational Technology, Methodology & Teaching Aids

S. No. Equipments / Items/Charts/Models Quantity
1. Over Head Projector 02
2. Slide Projector   02
3. 16 mm Film Projector  01
4. 16 mm Educational Films of 15 to 20 Min 06
5. Micro Fitch Reader  01
6. Computerised Videorama Projector  01
7. Video Camera  01
8. C.D. Player-Audio  01
9. Audio Cassette Player   01
10. Video Projector 01
11. Computer with Printer, Scanner and C.D.Drive   01
12. Enna Scope  01
13. Carry Scope  01
14. V.C.R.    01
15. Film Projector  01
16. Multimedia Projector  01

3. Physiotherapy Laboratory

S. No. Equipments Quantity
1. Parafin Wax Bath 01
2. Short Wave Diathermy   01
3. Micro Wave Diathermy 02
4. Moist Heat Therapy Unit 01
5. Inter Frential Therapy Unit 01
6. Timpac Muscle Stimulator  01
7. Ultraviolet Lamp  01
8. Infra Red Lamp  01
9. Ultrasound Therapy 01
10. Foot Massager   01
11. Parallel Bar   01
12. Walking Steps  01
13. Shoulder Pulley   01
14. Shoulder Wheel   01
15. Grip Presser   01
16. Finger Co-Ordination Board 01
17. Cervical Traction     01
18. Lumber Traction     01
19. Finger Pully 01
20. IMI 1494 Gymnic Ball 33”  01
21. Stationary Bicycle Exerciser   01
22. Ankle Exerciser    01
23. Posture Training Mirror   01
24. Multi Exercise Unit    01
25. Sliding Set                01
26. Weighing Machine  01

4. Psychology Laboratory

S. No. Equipments Quantity
1. Reaction Time Apparatus 01
2 Mullar Depth Perception apparatus 01
3. Hearing depth Perception Apparatus 02
4. Pin Drop Depth Perception Apparatus 01
5. Concept Formation Block-set 02
6. Memory Drum      01
7. Hand Eye Co-ordination Apparatus 02
8. Finger Dexterity     02
9. Self Ergograph   03
10. Body Co-ordination Paper Pencil Test Apparatus 02

 5   Services

  • Lending Service
  • Reference Service
  • Open Access to teachers & Research Scholars
  • Reprography (Xeroxing)
  • Service to Research Scholars
  • Internet Service
  • Inter Library Loan
  • Book Bank Scheme

Information about Accommodation Facilities

There is separate accommodation for students and staff. The detail of which are as  given below :

Students studying in different courses in this college are from different corners of the country, hence residential facilities are made available for these students. Institution has got nine  hostels for boys with the total capacity of 710 members and 3 three separate girls hostel of 255 bed capacity. All the hostels are well equipped, ventilated and furnished. Each and every hostel has common room with colour T.V., Water cooler and S.T.D. Telephone facilities, library, First Aid facilities etc. These Hostels are supervised by the hostel wardens and night watchmen are appointed for their safety.

Institution has got eight staff quarters occupied by staff & four A – grade guest houses which are provided to the students’ guardians as well as any other invitees and guests.

Hostels For Boys and Girls are Provided by the Management

List of Hostels

i) Boys Hostels

    • Rajguru Hostel Murlidhar Hostel Digambar Hostel K.B. Deshpande Hostel Open Stadium Block A to D Hostel Indoor Netaji Stadium HostelKhaniwale HostelSaraswati Hostel
    • Subhash Hostel

ii) Girls Hostels

  • Kasturba Hostel
  • Sharda Hostel
  • New Sharda Hostel

iii) Staff Quarters - 12

iv) Guest Houses - 04

B) Teaching Facilities

i] College Building

Apart from 13 class-rooms following facilities are also available in this modern college building.

  • Principal's Chamber
  • General Office
  • HOD Chamber
  • Staff Room
  • Boys Common Room
  • Girls Common Room
  • Auditorium
  • Council Hall
  • Audio-Visual Hall

ii] Staff

A team of highly qualified and experienced staff devoted life long to the profession and the institution works round the clock with a missionary zeal for the welfare of the students. At present M.P.Ed., M.Phil and Ph.D. Degree holders, Diploma in coaching and experienced teachers are on the role of the College

iii] Class Rooms

We have 22 class rooms and 2 Lecture Halls are specially made available for organization of Clinics, speeches, meetings, seminars and conferences.

iv] Teaching Aids

Audio-visual aids in the form of Multi Media Projector, Epidiascope, Micro Fitch reader, over-head projector, slide-projector, Computer, Tread Mill, etc. Sports Models special CD's and cassettes and charts are used for teaching skills.

v) Building for P.G. Courses

There is a separate building for post graduate courses of M.P.Ed. & M.C.A. It has separate office, classrooms, departmental library for M.P.Ed. & M.C.A. It also has modern research laboratory for M.P.Ed. students.

vi) Research Development

It is very difficult to imagine our modern society without a well-developed education system. The need for research in the field of education is now a matter of great urgency. The process of research in education for peace and development can help to strengthen, the whole global society and bring out a more reliable and acceptable solution. Hence research has become an integral part, not only in academic pursuits, but in all the areas of human activity. Our Institution has established a scientific laboratory duly recognized by the university for the promotion of research work in the field of Physical Education and sports. Research council consists of senior teachers who motivate other faculty members to undertake research projects in different disciplines. Research works are done at the P.G. and Ph.D. level in different areas like laboratory oriented, library oriented projects and field work. Our college also provides internet services to the Research scholars for deriving latest information and ready references. Some of the senior lecturers are approved guide for the Ph.D. Degree, and at present 23 scholars are working under their guidance.

C) Sports Facilities

i] Gymnasium

The College possesses two Gymnasia of 75' x 120' and 65' x 45' respectively. The Gymnasium is equipped with modern gymnastics equipment along with other indoor games and activities. It provides space for Ground Gymnastics, Balancing Beam, Un even bar, Parallel bar, Vaulting Horse, Roman Rings, Pommelled Horse & Horizontal bar. It has also galleries to accommodate 3000 spectators.

ii] Swimming Pool

The College possesses Olympic Type Swimming Pool of its kind. It measures 50 mtrs. x 21 mtrs. with an additional area of 21 mtrs. x 13 mtrs. for diving purpose. It bears `L' shape, College also possesses mini swimming pool of standard size of 25x21 mtrs. for practice. In the same area there is one additional swimming pool for learners. Total there are 3 swimming pools.

iii] Open Stadium

A stadium worth Rs.2 crores to accommodate 15,000 spectators. Other facilities avail able at this stadium are as below : a) Cinder Track- around b) Conference Hall c) Judo Hall d) Wrestling Hall and many residential rooms with sanitation arrangements.

iv] Indoor Stadium

Netaji Subhashchandra Bose Indoor Stadium is Oval shaped and with wooden floor, lighting facilities for Four Badminton courts, special arrangement of light to conduct activities like Table Tennis. Basket ball and Volley ball. It has stairs for 3 thousand spectators sitting capacity.

v] Running Tracks

There are two 400 mtrs. Cinder Tracks with the college to run the athletic activities of different courses at the same time.

vi] Play Grounds

The College have 100 acres land on which different play grounds and courts have been laid out. This includes 4 cemented Basket Ball Courts, 1 Football court, 1 Hockey court, 2 Cricket Pitches, 3 Volleyball courts, Two Tennis courts, 4 Kabaddi courts, 3 Kho-Kho courts, Two Handball courts and facilities of one court each for Korfball, Netball, Soft ball, Ball Badminton are available. Also there is arrangement of Archery Range.

vii] Sports Equipments

Quality equipments for all games and sports in adequate quantity are available to meet the need of students strength. Judo and Wrestling Mats, Weight lifting sets, Gymnastics equipments, Standard Athletics equipments are also available to the students.

viii] Publication Department

This College has its own publication Wing. Magazines in the subjects like Physical Education, Sports Medicine, Movement Education & Yoga are being published. Many books useful for College students are published by the Department.

ix] Computer Centre

The well equipped Sports Research Laboratory is now supported with Computer Centre. The purpose is to help and guide the Research Students and scholars of Post-graduate Department in application of statistical analysis of their Research and Project Work. Another use of it is now planned for Computer Aided Instructions and Information Brochure which includes Meet Records and Events that have taken place in the history of sports. And it will be made available to the players and sports personalities. Internet facility is also open to students.

x] Yoga & Nature Cure Centre

Yoga & Nature Cure Centre is established in the campus of the Mandal and at a Hill-Station Chikhaldara. Indoor and Out door patients are diagnosed and treated at Nature Cure Centre Hospital presently attached to Vidarbha Ayurved Hospital, Dhanwantary Nagar, Amravati.

xi] Health Centre

There is a Modern Health Centre. It is utilized for training and exercise of athletes. The centre is equipped with total 40 equipments prominently inclusive of Sona Bath, Steam Bath, Walker, Trimmer, 12 Station Multi Trainer, Weight Training Apparatus etc.

xii] Akhada

For Indian style of wrestling and traditional system of exercise the Akhada is maintained by the institution.

xiii] Band Department

College has separate Band Department with all Band Instruments required for Action Song, Group Song, National Anthem, Rhythmic etc. There is also separate Band Stand on which interested students are given Band Training daily in the morning and evening, many experts in different instruments and activities guide and train them. Hundreds of students are taking benefits of the same.

xiv] Physiotherapy Centre

This centre is well equiped with modern therapeutic facilities like. Parafin Wax Bath, Short Wave Diathermy, Micro Wave Diathermy, Moist Heat Therapy Unit, Inter Frential Therapy Unit, Timpac Muscle Stimulator, Ultraviolet Lamp, Infra Red Lamp, Ultrasound Therapy,Foot Massager, Parallel Bar, Walking Steps, Shoulder Pulley, Shoulder Wheel, Grip Presser, Finger Co-Ordination Board, Cervical Traction, Lumber Traction, Finger Pully, IMI 1494 Gymnic Ball 33”, Stationary Bicycle Exerciser, Ankle Exerciser, Posture Training Mirror, Multi Exercise Unit, Sliding Set, Weighing Machine etc.

D) Other Facilities-

The college has created following facilities from the students welfare point of view

1.  The college runs the scheme of Student Aid Fund which is helping needy and prospective students financially in their studies.

2.  The college has also established a consumer Co-operative Store to sell the goods of daily use at concessional rates to the students.

3.  The Mandal has also in its campus a Dairy Unit which is supplying fresh and pure milk to students at moderate rate.

4.  Sports Store is run in the premises of the Mandal which provides quality sports equipments to the students and staff at cheaper rates.

5.  The college has established the Students Guidance, Employment cells, Alumni office, and Counselling Bureau to make students aware of employment opportunities.

6.  Govt. has opened Hanuman Vyayam Nagar Post Office in our college campus.

7.  Nagri Sahakari Pat Sanstha

8.  The college constructed  Mess Building in the campus in which 500 students can dine at a time.

9.  College has independent Hostels for Men & Women.

10. Canteen facility is also available for Snacks, Tea, Coffee & Refreshment.

11. There is a Dispensary in the college campus to treat the sick & injured students. Medical Officers are posted in the dispensary to look after the health problems of both boys and girls. Emergency Medical assistance is provided to the sportsmen involved in accident or on getting injured on the playfield.

So also minor Operations and all kinds of Pathological Tests are carried out at H.V.P. Mandal’s “Ayurvedic Hospital” at nominal charges.

Rules and Discipline


i) Not paying college dues in time.

ii)The qualifying examination passed by candidate from Universities /Bodies/Boards is not found to be equivalant by Amravati University

iii)Characterless and indisciplined behaviour

iv) If found not eligible for enrolment as per Amravati University Rules.

v) Absence for a long period without any proper reason.

Code of Conduct for Students

1. Respect for the Staff - Students must respect all the staff members.

2. Punctuality - Every student must be scrupulously punctual in his day’s of work.

Punctuality should be so developed as to become almost instinctive.

3. Courtesy - Every student must treat his co-students with courtesy and tolerance.

4. Health &Hygiene - Observance of hygiene is treated as a part of discipline.

Consumption of Wine and Smoking is Strictly Prohibited.

5. Use of filthy or abusive language even in private conversation is positively harmful to character building and as such will be breach of discipline.

6. Every student must implicitly obey the orders of his superiors. Obedience first should be the motto.

7. A genuine grievance should be brought to the notice of the Principal but only through the Class teacher / House Advisor or Hostel Warden.

8. Patriotism and Service of the motherland will be the only creed.

9. Students are not allowed to take part in local politics.

10. Communalism in any form is strictly forbidden.

11. Overlooking indiscipline on the part of the co-students is as serious as actual breach of discipline. Indiscipline must be reported to the lecturer concerned or the principal immediately in every case.

12. Faultless gait neat and tidy clothing, proper maintenance of equipments and smart behaviour are essential components of an ideal discipline of a student.

13. Use of Mobile in campus and hostel is strictly prohobited.

14.Motto of Institute is "Age Badho - Sabse Age Badho".